by Dave Curran

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A throwback to the days when you would dim the lights, plug in the headphones and take a sonic journey. Enjoy the Ride!


released April 28, 2012

Thanks to Ciro Moreau, Tony Fontana, Bob Brown and Joe Mizzi for their contributions. An eclectic and international group of awesome musicians.



all rights reserved


Dave Curran Austin, Texas

A singer/songwriter from Austin, TX. I try to recreate myself with every song.

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Track Name: Ghosts On The Corner
I see my sky is darkness
My shadow moving slow
There’s a street sign pointing
Down a road I don’t want to go.

Phantoms dance on sidewalks
Memories from my past
All the things I once forgot
Are broken scenes on broken glass

Ghosts on the corner
Got me on the run
Won’t go back again
Don’t know how I’ve gone this long
Ghosts on the corner
One has got a gun
She scares the hell out of me
Calling me back with her siren song.

The fragmented pieces
Of all the bad I’ve done
Come rushing back to me now
Like the sound of a shot of a loaded gun

It might be a dream
Or a final bid farewell
Yesterday catches up with me
And tomorrow now my living hell.


There was a time when I’d forgotten these things
When I could live without my past
But fate or justice has brought me here
To pay silent my dues at last.

Track Name: When I Saw You Dance
Often times when night unfolds,
The stars will shine and truths be told,
When you are tucked asleep and quiet,
The children dream of trains and chocolate.
I'm awake way past my time.
I think of you and wonder why…

Many times I thought that love
Would slip me by or move above.
I would toss and turn at night,
And dream of you 'til morning light.
Even though I never knew,
The love you had would see me through.

And when I saw you dance,
I knew that I would have a chance,
To have a love for evermore
To find the love I’ve been looking for.

And here it is 8 years or more
Did we think we would endure?
We live our lives and lose the dream,
But somewhere deep it still remains.
The bond of love is what we share
It will not break nor will it tear.

And when I saw you dance,
I knew that I would have a chance,
To have a love for evermore
To find the love I’ve been looking for.

© 2008 David Curran, BMI
Track Name: Know
Everything is grey and hazy
I’m looking for something that’s already found me.
Everyday is a passing year
I’m looking for someone to make it all clear

I’ve got my life in a corner
The only thing easy makes everything harder
Squinty eyes and nothing’s better
My baby coming and it don’t even matter

And if I knew it well, I wouldn’t know where to go.
If it hit me in the face, I wouldn’t even know, wouldn’t even know.

Tell me a story, I’ll tell you some lies.
You say I love you and I close my eyes.
And I only wanna take another hit.
To sum it all up, The pieces don’t fit.

I’ve got my life in a corner
The only thing easy makes everything harder
Squinty eyes and nothing’s better
My baby coming and it don’t even matter

And if I knew it well, I wouldn’t know where to go.
If it hit me in the face, I wouldn’t even know, wouldn’t even know.
Track Name: Spots On The Sun
I can only lie awake in bed
Whispering the only words that she said
I know it sounds cliché
It’s how I deal with pain
Of losing the only thing I loved

I see a spider struggling for another day
He doesn’t know what put him down in his grave
The invisible poison
I feel it all too often
So I smash him and his misery

The spots on the sun are cracks in the light
The greatest thing we know has a mortal life.
Was it by design?
Is it what they had in mind?
That we finally live our lives in the dark
Track Name: Mona Passage
I pray to God I don’t die out here tonight.
My mistress ocean, angry with delight.
O’ dios mio, salva mi alma.

Mona calls but never by my name.
“Foolish child dare to come to me again.
You’ve crossed my path one too many times.”

She shows me which way to choose.
She plays a game she’ll never lose.
I’m sinking down and further down a hole.

She tore my heart and ripped my sail(s).
And thundered out she will prevail (she never fails).
And if I died, she’ll steal away my soul.

I find this mistress hard to love.
All her beauty I’m thinking of.
It takes my breath. It takes my everything.

I stare into the deepness of her eyes
In a single thought I finally realize
She will take me to and over the brink.


Tu me tienes encantado

© 2009 David Curran, BMI
Track Name: The Mirror
Where were you when I was wasted on the floor?
You said you’d never let this happen anymore
Where were you when I was one foot in the grave?
My life should be the only one you save.
From the pain

Where did you go when I was feeling high, my friend.
You said you’d never let me get this way again
Where did you go when I fell back to the ground
You left me there to rot like a child never found.

You were hiding in the mirror
With your bloodshot eyes and fear of
Facing the truth you’ve got to see
Every time I come to find you
You just turn and look behind you
To avoid the risk of ever being me.
From behind the pain.

Why couldn’t you come and pull me from the dead
You made a promise, at least that’s what you said.
Why couldn’t you take this evil from my arm?
You know the damage done from its captivating charm

When will you finally realize
We need each other if we ever will survive
When will you look me in the eye
Never run away to that place you like to hide.
Track Name: Gravity
Far beyond the distant stars
At the edge of the universe
There’s a hole, black and cold
I feel it here on earth
No escape, light or fate
This singularity
Time stands still in the field
Of this one true gravity

There’s a thread it’s been said
Connecting everything
We give it names ‘cause we can’t explain
The nature of its being
It’s pulling us through the folds of
Both time and space
An energy or philosophy
We all add to its grace

Bonus material - If you got this far....
Here are some additional verses I never incorporated into the song. I might go back someday and add them in....

I don’t believe we have the answers
I don’t believe we know it all
I don’t believe the things you tell me
I don’t believe the book you scrawl
I don’t believe I’ll live forever
I’m not sure I’m good with that
I don’t believe what my eyes tell me
When I see the world is flat.

I have to question my existence
I have to hold on to the past
I have guess about the future
hopin’ that its comin’ fast
I have to wonder how we got here
I have to wonder where we’ve been
I have to wonder. where we’re going
Where nothing is infinite
Track Name: A Pain In My Love
Woke up this morning with the world feeling sore.
Had trouble putting my feet on the floor
I knew something was wrong when I looked in the mirror.
There was a number in her red lipstick
I felt that knot in my stomach get thick.
Everything's gone south, now that everything's clearer.

I never thought that she’d be the one.
She changed my plans even when I had none.
This girl’s an addiction I can never get enough
A bonafide infliction
She's just a pain in my love.

So I did something I should never have done
Picked up the phone and said "Last night was fun.
Wanna come over and do it over again?"
She gave a tug and firmly set the hook
“I’ll see you tonight", was all that it took.
A technical knockout before the count of ten


Oh I know I will never love another again
And this pain is all I ever wanted since then
And I’m not sure I ever understood
Just why it feels so good.

Track Name: You And Me
From the first time we met, we felt it right away
We both knew we wanted no more games to play
One look into our eyes, we didn’t have to say
It’s you and me…

Well we got married ‘cause we saw how fast our love grew
And then soon enough, a little baby too
The first year was rocky, but we made it through
You and me…

You and me. Everything is getting better
You and me. We can find nothing greater
We’ll always have each other
One day until another
You and me…

Well life comes fast and throws a few curve balls
But we pulled together and swung through them all
They only made us stronger, our love will never fall
You and me…

With the kids growing up we wonder where the time goes
And how we got to here, well only heaven knows.
And what the future brings, “Well I suppose
It’s you and me….”


I still look into your eyes
And see the day we first met
I’ve come to realize
I’m not over you yet.

Track Name: Music River
Headed south out of Boston
The coldest day of the year and it felt that way
I left because I knew our love was broken
I threw the rear view mirror out the car that day.

Music river
I hear you calling
I’m headin down to find my new home
Music river
Got to keep rolling
Don’t leave me standing on your banks alone

Running blind on empty feelings
3 days of wondering why I’d gone this far.
But the sun was shining down on Austin
I sat on the shore and played my guitar


Running quietly through the city of love and peace
Strummin out a song on my old guitar
Sometimes all I think there’s only you and me
And sometimes I hear music in every bar.
Track Name: Walk With Me
Walking down the same old road
On my back the same old load
We’ve been so good together
Make it last forever
Til the day we both grow old
Walk with me…

I’ve been hacking these same chords
I know you’ve heard it all before
But the tune is always different
Well at least to some extent
Find a place we’re going towards
Walk with me…

Side by side we stand as one
Watch the slowly setting sun.
You’re the focus of all my memories
You gave me all of my best stories
Take a look back when the day is done
And walk with me…

© 2008 David Curran, BMI